Industrial Gears For Sugar Industry

Marshall Gears started cutting Industrial Gears for the sugar industry way back in 1964, We have evolved in each area of Industrial gear cutting and are today a full service gear manufacturing company providing precision gear products and power transmission services.A registered SSI unit, with over 40 years of experience and a reputation for quality, you can count on us to help with all your Gearing needs.We are continuously striving to provide the best quality and service through the use of well equipped equipments and trained professionals.

Sugar is used in our everyday life and is produced in India by both Cooperative and Private Sugar plants spread across the country. Most of the Sugar factories are present in Maharastra – also known as the Sugar belt of India, Uttar Pradesh and in southern states of India.

A sugar plant manufacturers sugar by crushing sugarcane through Rollers driven by different Mill stations. These Mill stations are driven by Large Industrial Gears and Pinions or by Planetary Gearboxes.

THERE ARE SIX BASIC PROCESSES INVOLVED IN SUGAR MANUFACTURING: EXTRACTION OF SUGAR FROM CANE:1. Preparation    2. Extraction    3. Clarification    4. Evaporation    5. Crystallisation    6. Separation

After the sugar cane has been chopped and shredded at the Cane Yard, this prepared cane then enters the No.1 mill where the first step begins in the extraction of sugar from the cane. There are five individual sets of mill tandems; each made up of four iron rollers. The cane is crushed twice as it passes through each tandem for a total of ten crushes before it leaves the mill house as bagasse.

Industrial Gears for Sugar Industry

We manufacture the following Industrial Gears for the Sugar Industry.

  • Bull Gears : These are large diameter gears that are between 2000 mm to 4000 mm in diameter and upto 36 Module. Generally made in Cast Iron or Cast Steel.
  • Pinions : Pinions are smaller in diameter and run with Bull gears effectively giving the speed reduction required to drive the rollers in the Mill. Pinions are made of Forged steel, EN-19 , EN-24 are generally used.
  • Gearbox Replacement Gears and Pinions :  Various spare gears and pinions are made as per client’s requirements.

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